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We make risky operations safer

In the world of high-risk business, a strong safety capability and culture doesn’t just save lives and limbs, it also delivers peace of mind.  

Our team of experienced, operational safety and emergency management professionals work with you to embed high levels of safety capability in your organisation.

We deliver:
• Hands-on, close-to-real training that delivers the skills that increase workplace safety;
• Capability-building advice that make your operations safer and more independent;
• Extra-special personnel to help you handle extra-tricky situations;
• Relevant, reliable products that work when you need them to, how you want them to.


How can we help you improve your safety, emergency management and rescue capability?

that makes your people and your operations safer
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on building your operational capacity and reducing your risk
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who can provide the skilled services, extra capacity and expert advice you need
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that does what it’s supposed to, when you need it, configured for best practice use
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We don’t just tick boxes

Tick-box training in safety and emergency management may mean you comply – but does it ensure that you can respond well when something goes wrong in your high-risk environment? Does it translate into injuries avoided, lives not lost, harm not done?

We enable you to embed high levels of safety capability in your organisation with: specialised advice; practical training; the right gear; and strong support from experienced, operational safety and emergency response professionals.

As an accredited RTO, we also make it easy for you to meet your compliance requirements and get maximum benefits from your training investment, so you get better operators with increased effectiveness – not just the same people with the same skills and some extra pieces of paper.

Our story

We’ve been delivering deep safety capability to the world’s riskiest businesses since 1998. Our territory reaches deep underground to the top of mountains, spanning oceans, outback and deserts.

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Real World Training

We’ve created and developed a set of meaningful, close-to-real training courses designed to transfer real-life skills, not just tick compliance boxes. All our training is delivered by certified experts.

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Expert advice and consultancy

Our core team of experts and our extensive network can provide you with the support you need.  Make your operational environment safer and maximise your Emergency Management capabilities.

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The right equipment for your job

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