Confined Space Training

For practical training conducted by a team of industry experts, choose Confined Space Training with Risk Response and Rescue.

Conducted at our highly equipped training facility in Wollongong, just south of Sydney, this comprehensive suite of courses provides everything needed to qualify for the Confined Space Ticket.

Basic training in awareness for this specialist area of work includes the definition and code of practice for confined space work. Further accredited Confined Space Courses cover breathing apparatus training, hazard analysis and the issuing of Work Permits. All information is provided to current WHS and Australian Standards. Expert training staff have many years of combined experience in the relevant field and are able to respond to any questions as well as to illustrate the training with relevant anecdotes and information.

Combine confined space and working at heights and you have the most hazardous working conditions possible. Train for every eventuality with Risk Response and Rescue's expert real-to-life training.

Learn to identify hazards, conduct hazard analysis and risk assessments, react to adverse conditions and implement a confined space rescue. Participants are trained to respond in a calm, methodical and professional manner, compiling and working to a confined space rescue plan.

For the best available Confined Space Training, call Risk Response and Rescue today.

Confined Space Training


Confined Space Training (Level 1): Click Here to Book

The Confined Space Training Program (Level 1) qualifies participants to work safely and well in a confined space.

This two day Confined Space Training course is designed for persons who are required to enter and work in confined spaces but do not require competency in breathing apparatus or emergency response.
The course provides participants with the WHS and legislative requirements and procedures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of persons required to work in confined spaces.
It involves an introduction to emergency response procedures and considerations for first aid and fire fighting in a confined space context.

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Confined Space Reassessment: Click Here to Book

This Confined Space Refresher Course ensures skills are maintained and current with regard to safe work in confined spaces.

The Safe Work in Confined Spaces Reassessment Program is a Confined Space Refresher Course for persons who have previously attained competency to enter and work in a confined space.
It provided participants with a review of the WH&S and legislative requirements and procedures to ensure the health and safety of persons required to work in confined spaces.
The aim of this program is to provide a forum to maintain skills and currency relating to safe entry, standby duties and work associated with confined space tasks.

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Confined Space Ticket

Hazard Analysis And Issue Work Permits: Click Here to Book

Learn how to conduct a Hazard Analysis and issue Work Permits with this informative, single day training course.

The Hazard Analysis And Issue Work Permits program provides the skills and knowledge to identify the need for work permits, preparations for authorised work, raise and issue work permits and monitor the scope of works.
Learn how to conduct local risk control, contribute to workplace health and safety (WHS) hazard identification and apply risk assessment to promote the maintenance of WHS.
Make workplaces safer through hazard analysis and risk control with this comprehensive 1 day program.

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Breathing Apparatus Training: Click Here to Book

This 1 day Breathing Apparatus Training course teaches the safe operation and maintenance of breathing equipment.

This Breathing Apparatus Training Course covers the knowledge and skills covers breathing apparatus training for the competent operation and maintenance of breathing equipment when it is needed.
This program applies to operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus for part of their job due to working in a confined space, with hazardous gases or vapours, in an anoxic atmosphere or for other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus.
The single day program provides participants with the knowledge and skills associated with the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere.

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Confined Space Awareness

Our Confined Space Awareness Program provides Confined Space Ticket training for working in confined spaces.

The Confined Space Ticket shows knowledge and awareness of the skills relating to the safe entry, work and standby duties associated with confined space work and the ability to supervise confined space work in accordance with relevant legislation and company polices.
The course is designed for persons who are typically employed in a management, supervisory, engineering, training or auditing capacity and are responsible for confined space related tasks.
It provides participants with an awareness of the WH&S and legislative requirements and procedures to ensure the health and safety of persons required to work in confined spaces.

Confined Space Rescue

Participate in Confined Space Rescue training to experience and learn about rescue operations in confined spaces.

Our four day Confined Space Rescue Program provides the knowledge and skills for conducting a confined space rescue.
It builds on previous confined space and rescue training and experience to enable responders to perform the necessary tasks associated with rescue operations.
Modules include dealing with hazardous materials, providing First Aid, operating breathing apparatus and preventing injury.