Fauna Spotter Catcher


This course is designed for Fauna Spotter Catchers (FSCs), Ecologists, Environmental Officers and others seeking to improve their fauna management and handling skills.

The course will prepare individuals to further their professional careers in a range of industries including mining, quarrying, petroleum and gas, land development, wildlife reserve management and disaster relief involving injured fauna in events such as bushfire, floods and oil spills.

The training outcomes will better prepare individuals in the areas of wildlife identification, restraint and relocation of injured and/or displaced fauna species, enhance professionalism, risk assessment and communication with peers, clients, government bodies and the media.


  • 3 days

Units of Competency

  • AHCFAU301 Respond to wildlife emergencies

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to evaluate and coordinate a response to natural resource emergencies involving fauna.


1. Evaluate wildlife emergency
2. Implement response to emergency
3. Coordinate response
4. Care for affected animals
5. Determine management options
6. Remove carcass
7. Complete debrief and report

This unit applies to working within own area of responsibility in a response to a wildlife emergency. These individuals are required to take responsibility for their own work and take limited responsibility for other workers and possibly volunteers.