What if you could shift the mindset of 10-12 staff in only two days ?

Performance can be elusive. Managing the human part of your business can be draining, having to deal with a variety of personalities & performance standards. Maybe that is why it seems the predominant focus of training has just been on technical skills & system/process. The Performance piece will never be complete without addressing the human piece.

RR+R has been bucking the technical-only trend by conducting Performance Programs for over 15 years. Phil Richards (RR+R Operations Team) introduced these concept programs that integrated technical & human skills to RR+R in the early 2000’s. The programs were born as 7 day “Operational Leadership” programs with early programs run in 42C heat with dust storms in western NSW. The new breed of the programs, called “SHIFT” are now run over two days & just as applicable to emergency responders as non emergency responders.

SHIFT is a mix of skill acquisition, mental/physical challenge, education & a proprietary process of gradually breaking down then reforming the way we perceive & interact with the world. There are no power point slides & all content is practical & tailored to the needs of the audience in the moment. SHIFT is designed to seed changes as a precursor to clients embarking on company wide cultural change & cultural leverage programs. Specifically the programs aim to increase levels of Influence, Action & Innovation – three absolutely critical ingredients for businesses that wish to continue evolving in a varying & at some times, extremely challenging, economic & social environment.

Rather than using the tools of regulation & control in order to “force” performance, SHIFT looks to release latent potential of each individual by freeing them up & then naturally allowing the synergy to form between team members. The results have been transformative for many with flow on effects to life beyond work.

SHIFT Is a program best described by experiencing it, since it deals with many intangible factors. To find out how SHIFT can be used to your advantage give the RR+R Support Centre and chat to one of our team.