PUA20719 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

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Nationally Accredited PUA20719 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations) program.

This highly practical and interactive program provides the knowledge and skills required by responders to perform a range of varied activities such as respond to wildfire, participate in prescribed burning and community safety. Ideal for persons operating as part of a firefighting team, responding to disasters and/or incidents that endanger life, property and the environment. 
Facilitated by a team of highly skilled and experienced operational subject matter experts and assessors. The skills and knowledge developed on this pro gram can be applied in a wide range of industries, such as emergency services, mining, construction, manufacturing and the rural sector.

Participants will learn real skills for work and life including:

  • Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment
  • Community Safety and Risk Management
  • Operational Procedures and Protocols
  • Fire Behaviour, Prescribed Burning and Operational Fire Fighting
  • Work Safely Around Aircraft
    • 5 extended days
    The qualification consists of 4 cores, 7 electives.
    • PUAEQU001 Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
    • PUAFIR204 Respond to wildfire
    • PUAFIR210 Prevent injury
    • PUATEA001 Work in a team
    • PUACOM001 Communicate in the workplace
    • PUACOM002 Provide services to clients
    • PUAFIR208 Participate in community safety activities
    • PUAFIR209 Work safely around aircraft
    • PUAFIR201 Assist with prescribed burning
    • PUAWHS001 Follow defined work, health and safety policies and procedures
    • PUAOPE013 Operate communications systems and equipment
    All prerequisites are covered within the program, however assessed prior to required UoC.

    This qualification is subsidised by the NSW Government utilising Smart & Skilled funding. Concessions or exemptions may apply for eligible students.
    •     Full course price $4,350 per person.
    •     Student fee for eligible persons ranges from full exemption $0 - $1200 (GST Exempt) depending on eligibility, concessions and exemptions.
    Please contact RR+R to check on your eligibility, course cost and further details.

    Participants should be medically fit and not suffering illness at the time of the course. This course requires a moderate degree of physical robustness.

    This qualification can be customised and contextualised utilising alternate electives in line with packaging rules for specific groups. Please contact RR+R for additional information or customisation for a group.
    PUA20719 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)