Lukas Hydraulic Cutter S 788 E2

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The Lukas Hydraulic Cutter S 788 E2 is an electro-hydraulic rescue device. This equipment is designed for rescuing persons or material assets following a traffic accident or natural disaster and during other rescue missions.

With a weight of only 22.7 kg, the S 788 E2 is particularly light, sits well in the hand and is a real cutting experience.

The S 788 E2 meets the Euronorm CC 200 classification. A minimum blade opening of 200 mm and a cutting depth of at least 75% of the blade opening mean that all requirements of the Euronorm CC 200 are met. The result: a very impressive cutter!

The Powerful All-Rounder

  • The Lukas Hydraulic Cutter S 788 E2 achieves 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
  • The cutting of round materials has also been improved from Ø 38mm (S 700 E2) to Ø 42mm
  • The cutting performance for round steel is in accordance with Euronorm material requirements
  • The S 788 E2 attains a value far above the magical “100 tons” and doesn’t stop until 1,101 kN

Technical Data for the Lukas Hydraulic Cutter "S 788 E2"
Dimensions: 988 x 266 x 281 mm
EN-Classification: CC 200 K-23,6
EN cutting class: K
EN Cutting capacity: 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
Weight: 22,7 kg
Blade opening: 200 mm
NFPA cutting classes: A8, B9, C8, D9, E9
Round steel up to: 42 mm
Cutting force up to: 1101 kN
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2

Only LUKAS lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and the “eDRAULIC Power Pack Charger” may be used to operate the Lukas Hydraulic Cutter. There is, however, a power supply with which the device can be connected directly to a power outlet. The power supply transforms the alternating current into direct current, so it can be used in place of the battery.
Chain sets are required in order to perform pulling operations with the Lukas Hydraulic Cutter and combination tools.
Call Risk Response and Rescue today on 02 4283 9300 for a quote on a Lukas Hydraulic Cutter.

Lukas Hydraulic Cutter S 788 E2