Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue

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The Med Sled Rescue is an innovative, cost effective rescue device designed specifically for vertical or horizontal lift operations.

It dramatically reduces the effort required for moving and rescuing the wounded and gives you all the traditional functionality and tactical evacuation methods with a compact, durable and less complicated system.


  • Faster deployment, no assembly required
  • Integrated hoist system for quick lifting (pre-assembled)
  • Requires minimum deployment training
  • Lightweight, 7.7 kg
  • Minimum components enable immediate deployment
  • Utilises high density and very durable polyethylene
  • 4535 kg rated perimeter tether secures the patient and expedites the evacuation process
  • 1818 kg rated cross straps with side release, quick connect buckles
  • Decontamination capable
  • Slides easily for safe and immediate evacuation
  • Vertical and horizontal lifting bridle included
  • Lifting bridle rated to 4535 kg
  • Rapid deployment backpack with four exterior pockets included
  • Packaged compact, ready for use, no assembly required.
  • Available Coyote Brown, Red or Drab Olive


MS-MS36VLR - red
MS-MS36VLR-DO - drab olive
MS-MS36VLR-CB - coyote brown
Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue