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Pole Grab Ladder Safety Securing System



Pole Grab is a unique safety securing ladder device, bringing safety to persons using ladders like never before.

Single Person Kit contains:

  • One Karabiner
  • One Descender / Rope Grab
  • Safety Line Rope (meets AS/NZ 1891.1)
  • Mounting brackets / locking cams to suit most ladder types

Two Person Kit contains:

  • Two Karabiners
  • Two Descender / Rope Grabs
  • Safety Line Rope
  • Mounting brackets / locking cams to suit most ladder types
*Hot Sticks available separately*

Pole Grab recently Won 2019 Work Safe QLD awards in Category One –Best Solution to an identified work health and safety issue.

Follow these links for demonstrations of kit usage:

Third Party Rescue using Two Person Kit:

Single Person Kit Also utilising Pole Strap:

Pole Grab brings pole top rescue to the 21st century. If there is an incident whereby there is an unfortunate fall from the ladder, the technician will be able to descend to the ground (self-rescue), or if they are unconscious it allows for third party rescue to be able to lower them to the ground.

Pole Grab Key Features:

  • 100% security and 4 points of contact when ascending and descending the extension ladder
  • provides self rescue and third party rescue
  • secures the head rope and base rope around the pole, all done from the safety of the ground
  • supplies a safety line to secure your harness to at all times
  • easily installed to extension ladder in a short time and remains secured to the ladder for future long term use.
  • designed to multi fit most brands of extension ladders without any drilling or causing any structural integrity to the ladder.
  • Safety tested by mechanical engineers proving the systems strength and compliance to Australian & International Standards.

The Pole Grab kits can be customised to your needs, however not limited to:

  • Safety line meeting safety standard AS/NZ 1891.1
  • Base rope
  • Pole Grab locking devices for head rope and base rope
  • Descending device: Meeting safety standard EN358:1999 & EN12841
  • Pole Grab - Hot stick tested and calibrated to IEC 62193:2003

The Pole Grab system has completed rigorous test processes and continues to pass all testing including being tested by mechanical engineers proving the systems strength and meeting Australian & International Standards for Fall-Arrest Personal Safety Systems including adhering to the following:

  • AS 3990:1993 Mechanical equipment–Steelwork
  • AS 4991:2004 Lifting devices
  • ISO 5817:2014 Welding–Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (beamwelding excluded) – Quality level for imperfections
  • ISO 17635:2010 Non-destructive testing of welds–General rules for metallic materials
  • Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council–On machinery
  • AS2316:2009 Artificial Climbing Structures and Challenge Course
  • AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009 and in accordance with AS/NZS 5532: 2013 compliant with a proof Load of 21kN upon the top securing element of the Pole Grab system.
  • Engineering test reports confirming structural integrity for any extension ladder.

For more information and technical data sheet contact Risk Response and Rescue today on 02 4283 9300.