LED Lenser X21R.2 w/ABS Carrying Case

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X21R.2 - Model ZL 9421R

This rechargeable flashlight will light a construction site, backyard or campground at 3200 powerful lumens – and all in a handheld flashlight. Upgraded and updated this light has a 200% improved run time (up to 40 hours!), a rechargeable Safety Ytrion Cell battery, and a Fast Action Switch for quickly moving between light functions. The seven reflector lenses were newly recalculated in conjunction with all-new LED chips for a more homogeneous lit area and better light distribution. The X21R.2 puts most car headlamps to shame.

Model ZL 9421R

Lens: 7 x AFS Rapid Focus

On/Off: SLT PRO Switch

Lumens: 3200 lm*

Max Distance: 700 m*

Max Run Time: 40 h**

Battery: Safety Ytrion Cell

Charge Time: 4 h

Charging Options: AC plug

Length: 412 mm

Weight: 1300 g

Includes: Floating Charge System, PRO, Power Module, Roll Protection, Tripod holder, Power adapter


LED Lenser X21R.2 w/ABS Carrying Case