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Lets be Realistic!


Experience shows that the "just enough" approach to training in a safety and emergency management environment doesn't cut it in real life situations when time is critical and something goes down or someone is having a bad day. Likewise technical skills are only part of the equation in high-risk environment. 

Ask yourself does your training deliver real capability and value or just compliance, does it translate into real performance where life is preserved, injury avoided and no harm is done? 

We empower capability in your organisation through focusing on human performance, the very best operational experts, skills and knowledge; real life experiential training; and fit for purpose equipment. 

Through nationally accredited programs, we meet not just the compliance requirements of your organisations but deliver real value to your training investment. You get proven operators, skills, knowledge and capability with real performance – not base line compliance, same people, same skills and same certificates.


High risk operational environments demand strong safety capability and culture in preventing injury, preserving life and delivering peace of mind. 

Our teams are operationally experienced safety and emergency management professionals who embed skills, knowledge and safety capability in your organisation. 

We deliver: 

  • Hands-on, close-to-real training that delivers the skills that increase workplace safety; 
  • Capability-building advice that make your operations safer and more independent; 
  • Extra-special personnel to help you handle extra-tricky situations; 
  • Relevant, reliable products that work when you need them to, how you want them to.


We create and deliver contextualised, experiential real life training programs designed to push boundaries and transfer real skills, knowledge and capability. For the past 20 years we have been delivering our unique approach to training and finally businesses are getting it. 

The lowest cost, shortest time frame delivery focused approach "churn & burn", to training is redundant and does not translate to real value. Capability and performance when it counts is where the real value lies. 

We ensure your commitment to your people and workforce is realised and they come home safe. All our training is real and delivered by operational industry people. They are subject matter experts in their given field of safety and emergency management who have been hand-picked for their competence and training ability imparting knowledge at the highest level. They’re up-to-date, operationally relevant with industry, real-life situations and real-world experience, no power-point experts here. 

We operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet and regardless of whether it be land, sea, air or subterranean environments, we tailor your training to meet the demands, so that your people leave with true life skills and capabilities.