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Posted by Wyn Jenkins on
 Whether it be a “5 minute job” that has been undertaken on many occasions without complications or accidents occurring, workers sometimes do get a little “complacent”, and unfortunately get in the habit of not utilizing safety equipment as sometimes it takes longer to set up, or put on, than the “5 minute job”.   

Emergency Response Training Exercise

Posted by Amanda Cleary on

Emergency Response Training in a Close-to-Real Exercise

Multi Trauma - A case Study as a First Responder

Posted by Herbert Kelly on

An account by an experienced first responder, guiding through the trained first aid and resuscitation procedures when faced with a multiple trauma.

Cardiac Arrest in the Workplace: Where do you fit in?

Posted by Rohan Penn on
In my experience as an Intensive Care Paramedic, the primary reasons for first responders' reluctance to commence resuscitation is the fear of getting it wrong or causing further harm to the casualty. Remember even if your compressions aren’t perfect or you don’t have an AED available, you are still helping the casualty by doing something, rather than nothing.

Aggression Management during emotionally elevated states

Posted by Rohan Penn on

Scott Taylor, our Security Subject Matter Expert popped in to film some training videos and we thought we might share some of his knowledge about Self-Management during high stress situations.