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The Importance of First Aid Training: 5 Key Reasons

Posted by Rohan Penn on
First Aid and CPR courses play a crucial role in empowering individuals with life-saving skills and creating safer communities. Discover the importance of these courses, as they can equip you to save lives, minimize injuries, and enhance safety awareness. Overcome common barriers like misconceptions about training costs, lack of time, and unawareness of training providers. Explore comprehensive First Aid and CPR Courses that will empower you to make a significant difference in critical situations.

Debriefing Post-Incident - Emergency First Responders

Posted by Rohan Penn on
We discuss in this blog the importance of debriefing post-incident for emergency responders and key tips to consider in the process.

How to tie a alpine butterfly knot - Two twist method

Posted by Rohan Penn on

How to use the two-twist method to tie the alpine butterfly knot. Start by grabbing a bight of rope, then do one twist. Whilst holding the top of the loop, bring the twist (cross over)...

How to tie an alpine butterfly knott - Over hand method

Posted by Rohan Penn on

The alpine butterfly can be used as a multi-directional knot which can be tied along any section of your rope or used to isolate a damaged section of the line. The over hand method Form...

How to tie a figure eight follow through (re-thread) knot

Posted by Rohan Penn on

A figure eight follow through knot, also known as a figure eight re-thread, is a strong and reliable knot that is commonly used in vertical rescue and climbing situations. Here is a step-by-step guide on...