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How to tie a alpine butterfly knot - Two twist method

Posted by Rohan Penn on
How to tie a alpine butterfly knot - Two twist method

How to use the two-twist method to tie the alpine butterfly knot.

Start by grabbing a bight of rope, then do one twist.

Whilst holding the top of the loop, bring the twist (cross over) down about 25 cm then twist the top of the loop a second time to form the second loop.

Once you have formed a profile with three loops and and two cross overs insert your thumb into the middle loop.

Then by reaching up between the two tails of the bottom loop,  with your lower hand grab the top loop and bring it back down between the two tales.


Continue to bring the top loop between the tails then back up and around through the hole made with your other thumb holding the second cross over.


Whilst still holding the top loop you can form the alpine butterfly knot by applying some tension on the tails.

To pack and dress the knot pull the tails out whilst simultaneously using thumbs to further pack knot.

Watch the video on how to tie a alpine butterfly knot using the two-twist method.


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