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Petzl Volt Wind Harness


Petzl VOLT WIND Harness


Discover the Petzl VOLT WIND Harness, engineered for optimal comfort and safety in wind energy and tower climbing environments. This harness combines ergonomic design with advanced safety features to meet the demands of professionals working at heights.


  • Comfortable Fit: Wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops for excellent support during prolonged suspension.
  • Easy Adjustment: FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles on the waist belt and leg loops allow for quick and precise adjustment.
  • Enhanced Safety: Lightweight, breathable construction with dorsal and sternal attachment points for fall arrest systems.
  • Convenient Storage: Multiple equipment loops and slots for tool pouches ensure easy access to gear while working.


  • Certifications: CE EN 361, CE EN 358, CE EN 813
  • Material: High-strength polyester, nylon, aluminium, steel


Ideal for professionals in:

  • Wind energy maintenance
  • Tower climbing
  • Rope access
  • Construction and maintenance at height

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What makes the Petzl VOLT WIND Harness suitable for wind energy environments? A: The VOLT WIND Harness is designed with specific features like comfortable padding, ergonomic design, and multiple attachment points, making it ideal for professionals in wind turbine maintenance.

Q: How do you adjust the Petzl VOLT WIND Harness? A: Use the FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles on the waist belt and leg loops for easy and precise adjustments, ensuring a secure fit.

Q: Can the Petzl VOLT WIND Harness be used with fall arrest systems? A: Yes, it is equipped with dorsal and sternal attachment points certified for use with fall arrest systems, enhancing safety during work at heights.

Q: Is the Petzl VOLT WIND Harness lightweight? A: Yes, it is constructed from lightweight materials without compromising on durability or safety.


Explore our comprehensive range of height safety equipment from Petzl. For inquiries about the Petzl Volt Wind Harness or any other Petzl product, reach out to us at (02) 4283 9300 or complete our equipment enquiry form.