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Emergency Management Plans

Organisations have an obligation to prepare, maintain and implement an effective Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that includes procedures, processes for notification and the mobilisation of emergency services, provision of information and training of persons, and testing of the plan to ensure it remains effective.

An EMP is a critical document designed to provide guidance to organisations and their staff to effectively manage emergencies ensuring safety of personnel and business continuity. 

In our experience many operations have outdated, non compliant and or convoluted plans that are hidden or simply not adhered to.

RR+R provide specialist advice and work collaboratively to develop, streamline and customise compliant and effective Emergency Management Plans for organisations and environments. We also provide:

  • Develop in-house training package to support plans
  • Development and delivery of emergency response training to the workforce and the key emergency response personnel
  • Desktop and onsite full scale exercises testing an EMP, associated Incident response plans and Business resilience