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Asset Protection

Our security services provide a range of tailored solutions from commercial to specialised operations that demand sustainable asset protection. We identify  through our initial risk management assessment of the operational environment the security needs of the business and match risk solutions with best value outcomes to the customer. Our skilled team of security facilitators have extensive experience in all fields of physical security and asset protection using the latest technology, training and systems in protecting your assets and providing peace of mind.


    • Security Guards
    • Mobile Patrols
    • Control Room Monitoring
    • CCTV and Technology Sales
    • Access Control
    • Reporting, Investigation and Covert Exercises
    • Consultancy Services

    Our flexible and innovative approach to service delivery ensures that the customer is provided with a tailored solution whether it be for a start-up venture or established commercial operation. RR+R ensure the correct level of support and resources to deliver the project without compromise.