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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Risk Management is a critical element for any organisation. Be that development of risk registers, high risk registers (e.g. confined spaces or dangerous goods), preventative controls or consequence controls. We bring a long history of collaborating with our clients to ensure they are effectively managing their risks to as low as reasonably practicable.


The migration from OHS legislation to WHS legislation introduced a number of changes. One clear variation was from prescriptive to performance-based measures. It is critical to managing your risks with due regard to the nature of work being undertaken.

This applies holistically. That is, the people, the task, the process, the quantity, and so forth. It also equally applies to preventing the occurrence in the first place, being a preventative control, or to minimise its impact and prevent escalation, being a consequence control.

The legislation no longer sees zero incidents, reportable or otherwise, as managing risk – you may have just been lucky. Different Coroners Reports and Royal Commissions have highlighted this.

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