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Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard


What is the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard?

The Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard is a specialized safety lanyard designed to protect workers in situations where a fall is possible. It incorporates innovative features that make it a standout choice in the market. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Energy Absorption

One of the primary functions of the Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard is energy absorption. In the event of a fall, it's crucial to reduce the impact force on the user. This lanyard does exactly that, thanks to its energy-absorbing system.

Y-Shaped Design

The Y-shaped design of this lanyard provides several advantages. It allows for better mobility and reduces the risk of tripping, making it suitable for various applications. Additionally, the Y configuration ensures that the user's weight is evenly distributed during a fall, minimizing the risk of injury.

MGO Connectors

The MGO connectors on this lanyard are a testament to Petzl's commitment to user convenience. These connectors are designed for quick and easy attachment to harnesses and anchor points, reducing the time required for setup and ensuring a secure connection.

High-Quality Materials

Petzl is known for using top-notch materials in their products, and the Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard is no exception. It's built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging work environments.


  • Designed for progression on a vertical structure or horizontal lifeline, and when passing intermediate anchors
  • Absorbs energy in the event of a fall:
    - Tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user
    - Works with users who weigh between 50 and 140 kg (1)
    - Progressive tearing reduces the deceleration on lightweight users
  • Minimal bulk:
    - Compact energy absorber facilitates handling
    - FLEX version with 150 cm of elasticized webbing to avoid hindering progression
  • Durable fabric pouch with opening system at each end, protects the energy absorber from abrasion or contaminants while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber
  • Two options for installation on the harness, depending on use:
    - Frequent connection/disconnection: using either a carabiner held in correct position by the STRING positioning accessory (included with the lanyard), or a MICRO SWIVEL to avoid tangling
    - Semi-permanent connection: using either a RING OPEN gated ring whose circular shape allows optimal positioning, or a SWIVEL OPEN to avoid tangling
  • Comes with two large-opening MGO connectors for connection to metal structures
  • Available in two lengths: 80 and 150 cm

    (1) In compliance with maximum accepted fall distances More information in our technical tips at

    Applications of the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard

    The versatility of the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of the industries and scenarios where this lanyard excels include:


    In the construction industry, workers often find themselves working at heights. The Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard provides the necessary fall protection while allowing freedom of movement, making it an ideal choice for construction sites.

    Rope Access

    Professionals engaged in rope access tasks, such as window cleaning or building maintenance, rely on lanyards for their safety. The Y-shaped design of this lanyard ensures comfort during extended use.

    Rescue Operations

    During rescue operations, every second counts. The MGO connectors on this lanyard enable swift attachment, saving precious time in critical situations.

    Why Choose the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard?

    When it comes to selecting safety equipment, making the right choice is paramount. Here are some compelling reasons to choose the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard:

    Safety First

    Petzl has a long-standing commitment to safety. The Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard is rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind while you work at heights.

    Comfort and Mobility

    The Y-shaped design ensures that you can move freely without compromising safety. This lanyard doesn't hinder your movements, making it comfortable to wear throughout your workday.

    Ease of Use

    The MGO connectors simplify the setup process, allowing you to focus on your tasks instead of struggling with complicated attachments.


    Investing in quality equipment is a smart choice. The Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard is built to last, with robust materials that can withstand the demands of your job.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. Is the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard suitable for heavy-duty use?

    Yes, this lanyard is designed for rugged use and can withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications.

    2. Can the lanyard be used in combination with other safety equipment?

    Absolutely, it can be used in conjunction with harnesses and other safety gear for enhanced fall protection.

    3. How often should I inspect and maintain the lanyard?

    Regular inspections are crucial. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for inspection and maintenance, and replace it if it shows signs of wear or damage.

    4. What is the maximum weight capacity of the Petzl Abs Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard?

    The lanyard is rated for a maximum weight capacity of 310 lbs (140 kg).


    Don't compromise on your safety. Invest in the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO Lanyard and work with confidence at heights.