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Petzl AIRLINE 60m - Throw Line


Petzl AIRLINE 60m - Throw Line: A Lifeline for Arborists

In the world of arboriculture, safety and precision are paramount. Arborists, or tree climbers, often find themselves in situations where they need a reliable lifeline to access branches, make precise cuts, or rescue stranded climbers. One essential tool that has become a trusted companion for arborists is the Petzl AIRLINE 60m Throw Line.

Understanding the Basics of Petzl AIRLINE 60m

Lightweight and Durable

The AIRLINE 60m is crafted from lightweight materials, making it easy to handle and carry during tree climbs. Despite its featherlight construction, it doesn't compromise on durability. Arborists can rely on it in demanding situations.

High Visibility

Safety is a top priority for arborists, and the AIRLINE 60m ensures that. Its bright color enhances visibility, even in dimly lit tree canopies, reducing the risk of accidents.

Exceptional Knotability

Arborists often need to tie complex knots quickly. The AIRLINE 60m's design allows for exceptional knotability, ensuring secure attachments and swift maneuvers.

Minimal Tangling

Tangled ropes can be a nightmare for tree climbers. This throw line is engineered to minimize tangling, saving precious time and frustration during climbs.

Applications of Petzl AIRLINE 60m

Now that we've covered the basics, let's explore the diverse applications of the Petzl AIRLINE 60m throw line in the field of arboriculture.

Accessing Hard-to-Reach Branches

One of the primary uses of the AIRLINE 60m is accessing branches that are difficult to reach. Arborists can throw the line with precision to create a lifeline that allows them to ascend safely.

Controlled Branch Removal

When it comes to pruning or removing branches, control is key. Arborists can attach the throw line to specific branches and use it to guide their descent, ensuring branches fall where intended.

Emergency Rescue

In emergency situations where a climber is stranded or injured, the AIRLINE 60m can be a lifeline, facilitating swift and safe rescues.

Setting Rigging Points

Arborists often need to set up rigging points for various tasks. The throw line simplifies this process, allowing them to establish secure anchor points efficiently.

Why Arborists Trust Petzl AIRLINE 60m

Arborists put their lives on the line with every climb, so trust in their equipment is non-negotiable. Here's why the Petzl AIRLINE 60m has earned their trust:


The AIRLINE 60m's accuracy in throwing and knot tying ensures that arborists can work with precision, minimizing the risk of accidents.


In the world of tree climbing, reliability is everything. Arborists know they can depend on the AIRLINE 60m to perform consistently, even in challenging conditions.

Safety First

Safety features such as high visibility and minimal tangling are built into the design, prioritizing the well-being of arborists.

Ease of Use

The throw line's user-friendly design makes it accessible to both seasoned professionals and those new to arboriculture.


1. Is the Petzl AIRLINE 60m suitable for beginners in arboriculture?

Absolutely! Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to climbers of all experience levels.

2. Can I use the AIRLINE 60m for rock climbing?

No, this throw line is specifically designed for arborists and should not be used for rock climbing.

3. How do I maintain and store my Petzl AIRLINE 60m?

Regularly inspect the line for wear and tear, and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

4. Is the throw line resistant to abrasion?

Yes, the Petzl AIRLINE 60m is engineered to resist abrasion, ensuring its longevity.

5. Can I use the throw line for water rescue operations?

While it's a versatile tool, the AIRLINE 60m is not intended for water rescue; it's designed for tree climbing and related tasks.