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Emergency Warden & Fire Extinguisher Training

Course Description

The highly practical and interactive emergency warden training program provides participants with the knowledge, skills and hands on experience required to identify and prevent the development of workplace emergency situations and be able to respond accordingly. Suitable for members of an Emergency Organisation (Warden) team and those who are required to act in a warden responsibility role in the event of an emergency.

The aim of this program is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to identify and prevent workplace emergency situations. This program is aligned to Australian Standards AS 3745.

    Units of Competency

    The program is aligned to meet the following units of competency:

    • PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation
    • PUAFER008 Confine small workplace emergencies

    Alternate Fire extinguisher UOC available as required:

    • CPPFES2005 Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment

    Course Outline

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and operational requirements
    • Legislation and responsibilities
    • Workplace emergency protection systems
    • Workplace procedures
    • Working with emergency services and handovers
    • Decision making, command and control
    • Workplace threat procedures
    • Human behaviour and coping in an emergency
    • Fire prevention, containment and extinguishment fire behaviours fire triangle Fire tetrahedron and classes of fire
    • Workplace evacuation Partial evacuation Planned evacuation Immediate evacuation

    Mode of Delivery

    This course will be delivered via face to face for group bookings only. 

    For group bookings, we can provide this training at one of our leading training facilities or at your site as required, simply click “Get a Quote” to find out more and arrange suitable dates.



    This course is scheduled for:

    4 hours face-to-face learning and assessment for warden 

    If CPPFES2005 is required, an additional 2-4 hours is required depending on group size.

    For more information on CPPFES2005 see Fire Extinguisher Training - Risk Response Rescue

    Pre-Requisite and Entry Requirements

    This program has no formal prerequisites.

    Students holding a previous certification for the units of competency and are seeking recognition must supply their credential at the time of enrolment.

    Students must have language, literacy and numeracy skills (LLN) to interpret and apply relevant information to commence learning in this program. An LLN assessment may be conducted upon receipt of enrolment application to ensure each student has the appropriate level of skills required to undertake this course.


    Assessment is conducted by Risk Response + Rescue using evidence of skills and knowledge obtained throughout the program.


    Students who successfully complete this course and demonstrate competence will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The certification will be issued by Risk Response and Rescue (RTO 90774). 


    • Relevant State or Territory Codes of Practice
    • Australian Standards
    • AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities
    • Other enterprise specific legislation, standards and codes

    Course Inclusions

    All course materials, handouts and personal protective equipment will be provided.

    Student Requirements

    Students must wear appropriate clothing and footwear when attending face-to-face sessions.

    Refer to the Participant Information Handbook for information about our policies and procedures.

    Additional Information

    To lead an emergency control organisation or perform the role of chief warden, additional training is required.

      NOTE: Emergency Control Organisation (Chief Warden) and Fire Safety Advisor programs are also available.


      • For group bookings please click “Get a Quote” to find out more or Contact Us.

      *Learning and assessment hours will vary depending on your existing skills, underpinning knowledge and prior experience and your commitment to your learning and practical application of activities.