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Fight Fire & Hazmat Incidents



This program provides the knowledge and skills for emergency responders and staff who are expected to have skills in the ability to fight fires, use breathing apparatus and respond to a dangerous goods and / or HAZMAT incidents. The program covers the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), personal protective clothing (PPC), identifying the particular hazards, emergency procedures and observing safe working practices associated with the handling and containment of dangerous goods and hazardous substances. This program applies to workplaces where materials and chemicals are subject to codes and regulations.


  • 6 days


  • PUAFIR210 Prevent injury
  • PUATEA001 Work in a team
  • CPPFES2005A Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment
  • PUAEQU001 Prepare and maintain response equipment
  • MSMWHS205 Control minor incidents
  • MSMWHS212 Undertake first response to fire incidents
  • PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
  • PUAFIR220 Respond to isolated structure fire
  • PUAFIR308 Employ personal protection at a hazardous materials incidents
  • PUAFIR324 Render hazardous materials incidents safe