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Operate and Recover 4WD Course

Course Description

This program provides participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively operate four-wheel (4x4) drive vehicles in a variety of work settings with different terrains including off road and unsealed surfaces.

Unit of Competency

  • FWPCOT3325 Operate four wheel drive vehicle on unsealed roads
  • FWPCOT3326 Recover four wheel drive vehicle                                               

Course Outline

  • Identify four-wheel drive specific terms and terminology 
  • Conducting checks of 4x4 vehicle and equipment 
  • Preparing for 4x4 operations 
  • Operating 4x4 vehicle on unsealed terrain types 
  • Operating 4x4 vehicle on a steep slope 
  • Perform maintenance and minor repairs on 4x4 vehicles 
  • How to Identify loads, ratings and equipment serviceability related to four wheel drive vehicle recovery 
  • Recovery planning 
  • How to perform kinetic rope or strap recovery 
  • Winch recovery 
  • The use of other recovery tools and equipment and Maintenance of Vehicle recovery equipment.

Mode of Delivery

This course will be delivered via face to face at one of our leading facilities.

Please note that our public training is conducted in the Illawarra region for all available dates. Any changes to this will be specified above, next to the date option. 

For group bookings we can deliver these courses at your location (click “Get a Quote” to find out more).


This course is scheduled for:

2 days of face-to-face learning and assessment.

Pre-Requisite and Entry Requirements

Students must hold a current valid driver's licence and have a basic understanding of motor vehicle operations which will be confirmed at the time of enrolment.

Students holding a previous certification for the units of competency and are seeking recognition must supply their credential at the time of enrolment.

Students must have language, literacy and numeracy skills (LLN) to interpret and apply relevant information to commence learning in this program. An LLN assessment may be conducted upon receipt of enrolment application to ensure each student has the appropriate level of skills required to undertake this course.

Individuals must hold a driver licence or a provisional driver licence prior to commencing this unit of competency.  

Participants are required to demonstrate language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential for performance in the following UoC:  

FWPCOT3325 - Participants will be required to read and comprehend basic factual information on four wheel drive vehicle equipment labels and in manufacturer manuals, complete workplace forms using required format, industry terminology and structure, Use effective verbal communication techniques to convey instructions to people involved in four-wheel drive operation, numeracy and estimate time of a journey and fuel consumption.   

FWPCOT3326 - Participants will be required to interpret basic factual information on tool and equipment labels and in manufacturer manuals, complete workplace forms using required format, industry terminology and structure, Use effective verbal communication techniques to convey instructions to people in vicinity location of recovery operation and apply numeric skills to check rating of recovery equipment 


Students who successfully complete this course and demonstrate competence will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The certification will be issued by Risk Response and Rescue (RTO 90774).


  • Option 1 – Operate 4WD Vehicle (1 day) – $550 per participant
  • Option 2 – Operate and Recover 4WD Vehicle (2 days) – $800 per participant 
    • Note: Operate 4WD Vehicle is a prerequisite to Recover 4WD Vehicle
  • Maximum 2 participants per vehicle
  • Fee Free for eligible students under NSW Smart & Skilled for more information visit
  • For group bookings please click “Get a Quote” to find out more or Contact Us

    Course Inclusions

    All course materials, handouts and personal protective equipment will be provided.

    Student Requirements

    Students must supply own 4WD vehicle unless otherwise arranged

    Students must wear appropriate clothing and footwear when attending face-to-face sessions.

    Refer to the Participant Information Handbook for information about our policies and procedures.

    Additional Information

    *Learning and assessment hours will vary depending on your existing skills, underpinning knowledge and prior experience and your commitment to your learning and practical application of activities.