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Petzl - Medium Rigging Paw Plate


Petzl - Medium Rigging Paw Plate

The Need for Reliable Rigging Equipment

Challenges in Search and Rescue

Search and rescue operations often involve navigating through challenging terrains and scenarios. From steep cliffs to confined spaces, responders need equipment that can adapt to various situations. Traditional rigging setups can be time-consuming and cumbersome, making it crucial to have a versatile solution.

Key Features of the Petzl Medium Rigging Paw Plate

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Medium Rigging Paw Plate boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and transport to remote locations. Its portability ensures that it doesn't add unnecessary bulk to a responder's gear.

Multiple Attachment Points

One of the standout features of this device is its multiple attachment points. It allows for various rigging configurations, providing flexibility when setting up anchors, redirects, or other rigging systems.


Search and rescue operations can be demanding, exposing equipment to harsh conditions. The Petzl Medium Rigging Paw Plate is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, even in the most challenging environments.

Smooth Operation

The device is engineered for smooth operation, with a focus on reducing friction during rigging. This feature not only saves time but also minimizes wear and tear on ropes and other equipment.

Applications in Search and Rescue

High-Angle Rescues

When dealing with high-angle rescues, such as cliff or mountain incidents, the Medium Rigging Paw Plate excels. Its versatility in setting up anchor systems allows responders to secure ropes efficiently and safely.

Confined Space Rescue

In confined spaces where maneuverability is limited, the device's compact design proves invaluable. It aids in creating efficient rigging systems for extracting individuals trapped in confined areas.

Swiftwater Rescues

Swiftwater rescue operations often require rapid rigging solutions. The Medium Rigging Paw Plate's multiple attachment points enable swift and secure setups in water-related emergencies.

Why Choose the Petzl Medium Rigging Paw Plate

Enhanced Efficiency

By streamlining the rigging process, this tool significantly improves the efficiency of search and rescue operations. Time is of the essence in such scenarios, and the Medium Rigging Paw Plate helps responders work faster.

Safety First

Petzl prioritizes safety in all its products, and the Medium Rigging Paw Plate is no exception. Its design reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring the well-being of both the responders and the individuals they are rescuing.


The device's versatility means that it can be used in a wide range of rescue situations, reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment. This not only saves space but also simplifies logistics for rescue teams.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I purchase the Petzl Medium Rigging Paw Plate?

You can purchase the Petzl Medium Rigging Paw Plate from authorized Petzl dealers and select online retailers.

2. Is this device suitable for recreational climbing?

While the Medium Rigging Paw Plate is primarily designed for search and rescue operations, it may have applications in climbing. However, always consult with a professional before using it for recreational purposes.

3. Can I use the Medium Rigging Paw Plate in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, this device is designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, making it suitable for use in various environments.

4. Are spare parts and maintenance available for the Medium Rigging Paw Plate?

Petzl offers spare parts and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and performance of your Medium Rigging Paw Plate.

    Tech Spec's:

    • Material(s): aluminum
    • Breaking strength: 36 kN
    • Certification(s): CE, NFPA 1983 General Use