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Underground Rescue Operator




This program specifically relates to operating in a team under the guidance of a team leader in a hostile environment which may be hot, humid, toxic and irrespirable with reduced visibility. It explores mines rescue equipment including open and closed breathing apparatus, the qualities of a rescue operator, irrespirable first aid, oxygen therapy, mine ventilation, search and rescue, gas monitoring and the identification and monitoring of atmospheric hazards.


This program provides the skills and knowledge required to perform as an underground mines rescue team member.


  • 6 days


    • PUAEQU001 Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
    • PUAFIR210 Prevent injury
    • PUATEA0010 Work in a team
    • RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace
    • RIIERR203D Escape from hazardous situations unaided
    • RIIERR301D Respond to mine incident
    • RIIERR303D Operate in self-contained regenerative oxygen breathing apparatus
    • RIIERR309D Establish and operate from fresh air base
    • RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures


    • Check and service minimum PPE
    • Mine rescue team minimum equipment
    • Respiratory anatomy
    • Open and closed breathing apparatus
    • Exercise briefs (SMEACS)
    • Wearing CC-SCBA
    • Injury prevention
    • Overview of the BioPak/BG4 circuit
    • Tools and testing equipment
    • Fault finding
    • Fresh air base
    • Pre-operational checks and service on equipment
    • Qualities of the rescue operator
    • Emergency risk management
    • Mine ventilation
    • Irrespirable first aid and oxygen therapy
    • Atmospheric hazards and monitoring
    • Composition and configuration of team and equipment and stretcher carrier techniques
    • Gas monitoring
    • Emergency procedures and irrespirable atmospheres
    • Hot, humid and hostile atmospheres Turbex and ancillary equipment
    • Search and rescue


    This program has no formal pre-requisites.

    However, participants must have sound knowledge and skill in the following:

    • Navigating in underground mines
    • Reading and interpreting mine maps
    • Underground communication systems, equipment and protocol
    • Underground transport resources
    • Hazards of underground mine operations
    • Hazards associated with large mobile plant equipment
    • Underground traffic procedures and rules


    Assessment is conducted by Risk Response + Rescue using evidence of skills and knowledge obtained throughout the program.


    A Statement of Attainment listing individual units of competency will be issued to participants upon successful completion


    Each participant will receive a learner resource kit.