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WHS Audits

Work Health & Safety Audits


Legislation requires audits of control measures. Often overlooked are reviews. A review is looking at the adequacy of the control to effectively manage the risk. Once this is confirmed, an audit is an effective tool to ensure ongoing compliance. At RR+R, we work with our clients to ensure they are meeting their legislated responsibilities in external audits, but also meeting performance outcomes through the review process.


Legislation requires review of Control Measures. Depending on the type of control measure this may be sufficient. Many also require an audit. This provides documented evidence that your system is operating as intended and managing the risk.

Audits are not applicable to all PCBU, but are an effective tool in ensuring you are doing what you say you are doing.

Emergency Plans and Tests

Other areas of legislation, such as Emergency Plans, also require tests. These are a separate matter, and does not necessarily reduce the requirement for Audit and Review.

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